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Stories of growing new wings of good health to take flight...
Mother and son healing together...deeply!

I came to Chrysalis because I was looking for deep healing for my son. To optimize his treatment I joined him on the Chrysalis journey....

I had sinus and allergy issues along with wanting to kill myself.

I no longer have allergies and sinus problems are gone...I'm experiencing joy, clarity and success in my life now.

Rachel Video
 Unique set of tools to show the connection between my body and my life  to heal.

Allergies, Flu, Psoriasis

Marital and familial healing during crisis

Short Script of the above videos


I developed allergies as an adult and although I tried many natural remedies, I had to use medication to be able to breathe well for several years.  

I began working with Dr. Toney and within 3 weeks, my allergies were gone, in the very middle of allergy season.  

The allergies were completely gone for a year and a half, and now sometimes if I have allergy symptoms come up, I use Dr. Toney’s (custom made homeopathic) remedies and I know how to work with my body to resolve the issues now.


Flu day:

One day I had a Chrysalis appointment scheduled, and on that day I happened to have a flu like virus with a fever, chest and nasal congestion, and I felt awful.  I was very stressed about the illness because I would be leading a special event the next day.

Dr. Toney helped me sort through what was happening in my life, facilitated some energetic work that we did together, and made some homeopathic remedies for me.

By the time I left her office, I could feel all of the congestion draining and clearing away, my fever had ceased, and I was feeling better every minute.  By the next day, I felt great and led the event with restored strength...

Relationship balancing:

My husband and I did some relationship balancing work in a Chrysalis session a year ago.

Dr. Toney used kinesiology to retrieve information and help us realize our strengths and challenges as a couple.

After our work together, we simultaneously felt a new level of unconditional love for each other and strength as a team that continues to grow.



During an extremely challenging time after my husband had been hospitalized for PTSD, I was extremely stressed- I cried a lot, I was terrified and sad, I had insomnia, I was losing weight, and I was having trouble focusing.  Working and caring for my family felt overwhelming.

Dr. Toneys supported me and made me some homeopathic remedies.  Within an hour of taking the remedies, my energy had increased dramatically and I could feel real hope and faith that we were okay.  Soon I could focus on daily tasks, I was eating regularly and I was able to sleep again.  If ever I felt emotions rising to difficult points, the remedies helped me feel balanced again...

My work with Dr. Toney has been transformational and some of the most meaningful experiences of my life.  As a healing professional myself, I have been surprised and delighted by the depth of this work and its lasting positive affect on my life.   

With Dr. Toney’s guidance, I have uncovered long buried seeds of dis-function and dis-ease in my life and have developed an understanding of how these things impact my health and overall well-being.  In addition to uncovering and resolving issues related to my health, I have also been able to access meaningful guidance related to the purpose and direction for my life and my work.  I am deeply grateful for Dr. Toney’s gifts, her patient guidance, and her quiet strength and support.


Essie Silvers, Asheville, NC

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“Chrysalis is my process of discovery related to my illness and healing; and my unfolding to a new awareness of the gift of Life-much like a butterfly.”     –G.R.
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There was this voice within that told me to keep searching for that missing puzzle piece that would allow my healing to begin…and it did happen…Chrysalis opened the way to the missing piece.

 It is such an incredible experience working with Dr. Melinda! She is a very powerful healer. As a person in the healing profession for over 17 years I can honestly say that Dr. Melinda is one of the best healers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I love that she goes right to the source of where to provide you with the most healing benefits. Her work is very gentle yet highly effective. .. You can move through more healing in one session with Melinda than you could in a decade of therapy sessions. If you want to really transform your inner and outer world than working with Melinda will definitely help you to move your inner mountains with gentleness and ease. If you want a fast track to healing I highly recommend Dr. Melinda. She has such a loving, compassionate presence it’s a pleasure working with her. Her skills as a medical doctor coupled with her energy healing gifts are a great combination for very strong medicine. I’ve worked with a lot of talented energy healers over the last 17 years and I can honestly say I think she’s my favorite.


-Courtney Cox   

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“Dr. Toney offers a mind, body and spirit approach that is transformative on every level.  Her expertise in conventional and alternative medicine is remarkable, as is her seasoned intuition and availability to focus on root causes, rather than masking symptoms

-Dr. T., Integrative Physician

I am no longer stuck in my cycles of depression, mania, numb to my emotions (from the medications), urges with quirky habits, filled with shame, staying in bed all day . With Chrysalis I shed a lot and I’m seeing positive shifts: getting out of bed, wanting to walk regularly, putting on make up (which I hadn’t done in years), coming off my 4th psych med,making major decisions, getting out of debt, relocating, buying a home,  feeling that my life is worth living and that I can begin building my life again while trusting the process .I’m happy there’s a way I can heal, rather than just treating the symptoms.


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Bar none, Dr. Toney's detox seminar is the most engaging and comprehensive hands-on tool to understand the interwoven layers of health and how to optimize their integrated function through detox. I have attended my share of wellness workshops, but what's different here is that I left Dr. Toney's with the empowered sense that I am able to direct my own health and well-being by taking simple steps. I have taken a few of the detox steps Dr. Toney shares and I already feel positive shifts in my health in only a few weeks. I am excited to continue learning more of Dr. Toney's integrated approach! I just can't speak highly enough about the value of this seminar and it's potential to change your health on so many levels as it empowers you to sit in your director's chair.
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After a Chrysalis session, my ears that had been blocked intermittently for years literally unblocked when I began to listen to myself! It has not returned significantly ever since. When Dr.Toney helped me look beyond mere arguments of and treatments for “allergy” that conventional doctors told me was the reason for the symptoms,  we listened to my life narrative and found the message that my whole being was trying to communicate through my ears.

-Client from PA

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I was feeling out of sorts, got styes, not focused, anxious, so many things happening at work, crisis with mom and dad, my children. Chrysalis made me feel more at ease, calmer, focused, hopeful, trusting in the process.

Nurse Donna

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A Chrysalis session with Dr. Toney is analogous to the profound "overview effect" that astronauts experience on their ascension, and that I have experienced from skydiving. Like sky diving right when you jump out of the plane you could visually see 360 of clarity see connections.


J.A. Medical Resident

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