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Your Transformation
I am inspired to find that:

The true heroes of healing are not so much the practitioners or treatments.  Rather, the true heroes are the resilient human beings who face challenges with openness and courage, fueled by a deep commitment to transform adversity into a gift.

This means that:

How you see and what you do with the situation will determine your experience and affects what happens from this point onward.

Are you ready... 

to live today as the first day of the rest of your life knowing what you know now? If you are ready, Chrysalis may be for you!

FIVE Good Reasons to Choose Chrysalis Services


1.  Take charge! Learn to empower and cultivate your natural healing power within! Optimize your quality of life.

2. Reduce medical costs (current and inevitable, including nursing home expense!) by choosing to be proactive with your health!


3. Increase safety by limiting the use of medications (minimize drug side effects and interactions) and experience the practical wisdom of natural options. Move beyond the “band-aid” approach.


4. Custom design an integrative and preventative approach to your health, by exploring new dimensions of healing that are safe and resonant with your body, mind,and spirit.

5. Transform your challenges into stepping stones to health!

Listen to Rachel's Chrysalis harvest...
Frequently Asked Questions
What can I expect?


Dr. Toney will partner with you to review your medical history and medical workup thus far, life style choices, and current medications and supplements. Through deep listening and attention to detail, you will work together to uncover the patterns in your life creating dis-ease and imbalance. You can work with Dr. Toney in person or remotely via video chat or phone.

Dr. Toney will employ her vast array of knowledge and experience to help you uncover the root causes of your conditions. If you see Dr. Toney at her office in North Carolina or Pennsylvania, where she is licensed to practice medicine, she can also incorporate conventional medical practices and specialty testing into your diagnostic and treatment plan. If you do not see her in NC or PA, and you live in another state, she could guide you work with your local doctor towards optimal health.

What will we cover?

We will look at the “big picture” as well as the details of your health and together create a strategy that best connect you with resources of optimal health. The focus will be on strengthening your inner healing power as well as lessen the drain on your natural ability to heal. This may include lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements, custom-made homeopathic remedies that support you to heal from trauma, identifying and shifting limiting beliefs that hinder your health; all intended to connect you even more strongly with your natural healing resources.

Can I keep my primary care physician?

Yes! You are encouraged to work with your primary care physician or any other specialists with whom Dr. Toney is happy to collaborate.

How does Chrysalis fit in my overall health?

The gifts of Chrysalis empower you in your efforts to heal.  Lifestyle coaching helps you focus on appropriate changes to elevate your health to the next level of wholeness. The homeopathic remedies and energetic modalities provided in Chrysalis consultations are safe, effective, gentle and do not interact with medication - they lend themselves at the very least to their use as complementary interventions. In addition, Chrysalis services can enhance your progress with other modalities of healing such as psychotherapy, physical therapy, spiritual direction, body work, energy healing, chiropractic, art therapy, movement therapy, etc. You are encouraged to work closely with your primary care physician in tandem with Chrysalis consultations and services. Communication with the rest of your healthcare team can be requested to benefit you (an additional charge may apply).

How do I start?

You could either schedule online:


 or call (828) 552-4276 or (484) 262-3885


What the chrysalis process is:

The word chrysalis is the stage of active but hidden metamorphosis of a
caterpillar right before its transformation into a butterfly. Within the dormant
cocoon is the delicate chrysalis process that changes the caterpillar into the
elegant butterfly with intricate design and exquisite colors.

Our life prior to realizing our medical / life issues is like the caterpillar stage,
going about busily taking in life’s events and “doing life” in an automatic

When we become aware of our diagnosis or issues, we contract into a
cocoon; what we were (our former form, our automatic old patterns, etc.)
dissolves into an enriched formless soup. This is an uncomfortable
phase, especially when we are attached to keeping things the way they
were in the caterpillar phase.

As nature takes its course, we take on new form and we realize how
restricting it is inside the cocoon. We naturally have the urge to push our
way out to freedom.


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