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Inquiring regarding a Chrysalis consultation?

Please note that Dr. Toney will be able to diagnose and treat by ordering conventional medical and specialty testing only for clients she sees in PA or NC where she maintains her medical license. For clients in other states and countries, the Chrysalis consultation will consist of working with your established diagnoses making recommendations to engage your local physician for testing. Together with Dr. Toney and you will bring everything together to facilitate your healing in your Chrysalis journey. 


We respect our clients privacy.  We do not share your information with anyone. However, we recommend that you only send us a brief and non-personal inquiry, providing to us with your pertinent contact information that allows us to contact you.  Thank you!

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You can use the contact form below.  Please use this form only for non-personal (non-private) inquiry regarding Chrysalis practice.

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Offices in TWO Locations

Awaken Chrysalis

149 S. Lexington, Suite H

Asheville, NC 28801

Phone: 828-552-4276

FAX:  877-479-3951

Awaken Chrysalis

LEHIGH VALLEY Pennsylvania

Phone: 484-262-3885

FAX:  877-479-3951

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