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…An Integrative Medical practice focused on helping you become your most POSITIVE, WHOLE and VIBRANT SELF.  I invite you to partner with me, using my 30 years of experience in holistic medicine, to help you achieve your highest potential by transforming your challenges into opportunities for vibrant health and life. 

Melinda Toney, M.D.

Part 1

 Dr. Melinda Toney discusses her vision and passion of the Awaken Chrysalis approach  - A Path to Wholeness.

Part 2

An inspiring example of the Awaken Chrysalis approach with one of her clients that demonstrates the appropriate use of various tools of healing.

Branches of Flowers


You are welcome to download two complimentary documents that  will open your doors to Chrysalis.




Testimonial videos below of Awaken Chrysalis clients as they share about how they took hold of their healing and flourished.