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Awaken Chrysalis BLOG - Witnessing the Patterns Unfolding

Welcome to my blog!

As a healing practitioner integrating a wide-range of health and healing disciplines, I am honored to witness a myriads of unfolding patterns of thoughts, emotions and karmic blocks and release, practices, wisdom in health and healing among a diverse types of my clients as well as the world and its systems at large.  I also remain connected with health and healing practitioners in highly diverse disciplines.  As a result I am richly rewarded with deeper, holistic, and interconnected insights, best practices, and wisdom.  These I would love to share with the readers.

This blog is a catch-all for all kinds of write-ups (and video, audio, photos) that I will feature on this blog over time.  My intention in presenting the blog is to make Awaken Chrysalis real, powerful, and inspiring to you and hopefully engage you in exploring your own journey to vibrant health.  


I will continue to add anecdotal stories, meditations that you can use, useful information, tips, and techniques, interviews of others', in-depth views of upcoming workshop topics that I will be offering, and more.  I also look forward to sharing some of my personal stories of my struggles, discoveries, tears, and joys of emerging out of my personal chrysalis.   Occasionally I invite other guests to write their blog post on this page.  


While this blog page has just started with a few posts, more will be added over time.  So keep coming back (or better still, simply subscribe - free- to the blog post to get your copy as soon as a new post is published.

With blessings of vibrant health, dear Chrysalis hero!

                                                                          Melinda Q. Toney, M.D.

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